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The MS-2 shape came about when a customer came back from a snowboarding trip and asked for a custom board that was “twin tipped” or “double-ended” that was omnidirectional and could be ridden forwards and backward. We came up with a shape that basically had two tails with a squared off nose. The shape is rectangular in appearance and we ended up calling it the “Bluntnose”. This shape was very popular for a while but has since fallen out of favor for more mainstream style shapes with pointed noses. The ride characteristics offer excellent speed and planing capabilities because of the increased surface area, but can feel a bit stiff during turns because of the parallel nature of the rail lines. This shape is good for people who want maximum planing to get to the waves that break further from the shoreline (we suggest riding this shape a few inches shorter than the MS-1 shape to keep maneuverability high) and is also good for bigger riders who may need the extra carry through the flats. The MS-2 is also great for wake-boarding and wake-surfing and can be modified with fin systems installed into the board if more control is desired for those activities. These are available on a custom order basis only, please contact us for more information if you are interested in getting one of these shapes.

How long do you want your MS-2?

The MS-2 normally works best with a length between 4’6 and 4’11.

How wide do you want your MS-2?

The MS-2 normally works best between 19 and 20 inches wide. Leave this field blank and I’ll make it using my standard width for the selected length.


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MS2 Information

Summary: The MS2 is a great board for beginners or advanced riders. It is very customizable and can be created to help small or large riders excel in conditions that are breaking fairly close to shore. The longer nose of these boards makes for precision turning and very precise handling.

Length: 4'3"-5'1" Width: 18 1/4"-20 1/2" Rocker: 1 1/2"-1 4/5"

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4'3", 4'4", 4'5", 4'6", 4'7", 4'8", 4'9", 4'10", 4'11", 5'0", 5'1"


17", 17 1/8", 17 1/4", 17 3/8", 17 1/2", 17 5/8", 17 3/4", 17 7/8", 18", 18 1/8", 18 1/4", 18 3/8", 18 1/2", 18 5/8", 18 3/4", 18 7/8", 19", 19 1/8", 19 1/4", 19 3/8", 19 1/2", 19 5/8", 19 3/4", 19 7/8", 20", 20 1/8", 20 1/4", 20 3/8", 20 1/2", 20 5/8", 20 3/4", 20 7/8", 21"


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