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The MS Sandsurfah Series

The MS ‘SandSurfah” series are what we believe to be the ultimate in skimboard design. These designs came to life by noticing a need for a more high performance, functional product. Disappointed with the way other boards performed, we began fusing modern surfboard design theories with skimboard design theories, and came up with the MS “SandSurfah “ series of skimboards. The result is a skimboard that more closely resembles a high performance surfboard than a traditional skimboard. We believe this to be a major breakthrough in skimboard design. Although designed primarily for the high performance wave riding aspect of skimming, the MS series excels at all levels. MS “SandSurfah” skimboards are workable in any size shorebreak and have been proven to be functional with team riders placing highly in many competitions worldwide. Advanced riders, as well as beginners find these boards very user friendly and very easy to ride in all types of skim conditions.

The surfboard style shape of the MS “SandSurfah” skimboards offers a super fast and responsive ride. The added nose rocker combined with rounded rails in the front half of the skimboard resist sticking in the sand and also helps the rider to pull off super radical maneuvers. Maui Skimmers “SandSurfah” series also have incorporated the channel bottom feature, which are unique to Maui Skimmers and represent the cutting edge in skimboard design. The channels are a series of shallow grooves that are shaped into the bottom of the board and help to give the board even more control and drive through hard carves and radical maneuvers. This, combined with all the other high tech features, makes for a truly superior skimboard.


The MS-1 is the original design that all of our MS series are based upon. The MS-1 design has been refined over the years in the steep, powerful skimming conditions that Maui has to offer. The MS-1 shape features a narrow nose with a wide tail which gives the board a super responsive ride and very quick turning characteristics. The added nose rocker helps to keep the board from digging in the sand and also enables the rider to pull off super steep re-entries and other radical surf style maneuvers.

We have also incorporated the channel bottom feature that “Maui Skimmers” has become known for. The channels are a series of shallow grooves that are shaped into the bottom of the board, which gives the board even more control during radical turns and crazy tricks.

The recommended tail-shape for the MS-1 is the squash-tail, as this gives the board more volume and surface area for increased planning capabilities and also gives more room for the riders back foot. The MS-1 is designed as a uni-directional, (made to be ridden in one direction), but reversals and similar maneuvers can be done on this shape.

Although ideal for waves that break close to the shoreline, the MS-1 can be ridden in any skim conditions that your beach may have to offer. If you’re looking for a board that will turn on a dime and give you ultimate surf-style performance, then the MS-1 is the board for you.


The MS-2 shape came to life after a discussion about the possibility of making a double-ended type of board. Redesigned in 2007, the MS-2 has a rectangular outline similar to that of a wake-board or kite-board. The goal here was to make a board capable of reversals and shove-it type maneuvers.

The MS-2 has a relaxed rocker profile and increased planing area, which makes this shape super fast and able to carry the rider out farther from the beach to the waves that break outside. We have also shaped the bottom without channels, so as to reduce drag, increase speed and help to make the board a true multi-directional.

Super sharp rails give the MS-2 extra bite for holding power during hard turns and powerful carves. Great performance at steep beaches with strong waves, the MS-2 is also good for flatland skimming conditions. The MS-2 has slightly stiffer turning characteristics than the MS-1, but is still very responsive in its performance and big airs, skate-style tricks, as well as surf-style maneuvers can be done on this shape.

The MS-2 can also be used as a kite-board or a wakeboard, as is, or with a few modifications. If you are a skimboarder looking for something a little different in skimboard design, or you are a wake-boarder or kite-boarder looking to try out skimboarding, then the MS-2 is the shape for you. This shape is considered a “specialty” shape and is offered in limited supply or on a custom order basis.


The MS-3 shape combines the theories of traditional skimboard design and our popular MS-1 design. The result is a skimboard that has the same style shape as the MS-1, retaining the surfboard style look, but with a wider nose area. The wider nose area gives the MS-3 awesome planing capabilities that make this shape ideal for beaches where the waves break farther outside.

Very fast and responsive, this shape gives great surf-style performance and although designed to be directional, reverses and other similar tricks can easily be done on this shape. Steep beach, flat beach, big waves, no waves, this shape will work great in almost all skimming conditions.

The MS-3 is usually shaped with a squash-tail, adding even more volume and surface area, which increases stability and makes the board very user friendly and easy to ride. The MS-3 also comes with the channel bottom feature, which gives extra hold and bite during hard carves and performance maneuvers. This shape is also a good choice for bigger riders who would like the extra volume of a bigger board.

So, if you are a skimboarder who is looking for a Maui Skimmer that is fast, has good planing characteristics and will perform great in almost every skim condition, the MS-3 is the board for you.

Technical Information
All of our Maui Skimmers “SandSurfah” skimboards are:
  • Shaped out of medium/high density foam cores and laminated with multiple layers of fiberglass on both sides for strength.
  • Double wrapped rails for even more strength.
  • Added nose rocker for smooth transitions and steep re-entries.
  • Have channel bottoms for control.
  • Awesome graphics so you look good while ripping.
  • Various sizes and designs for different skim conditions.

If you skim, you owe it to your self you try out Maui Skimmers “SandSurfah” series of skimboards. Come and SandSurf with us on a Maui Skimmer “SandSurfah”. See you at the beach!

Size Guide

This size guide is designed to help you pick the correct size board for your approximate weight. We understand that there are many different variables that can determine the correct size for you, things such as body type, ability levels and skim conditions, but the following skimboard sizes performed best for riders at these approximate weights. Our stock sizes range from 4’-6” to 5’-1”. But we can shape pretty much any size for you. These sizes are fairly accurate for all of our “SandSurfah” series skimboards.

4'6"  -----------  100 - 125 lbs.
4'7" ----------- 100 - 150 lbs.
4'8" ----------- 115 - 160 lbs.
4'9" ----------- 120 - 170 lbs.
4'10" ----------- 150 - 175 lbs.
4'11" ----------- 175 - 200 lbs
5'0" ----------- 200 - 225 lbs
5'1" ----------- 225 +
  • Widths average 19-1/2 to 20 inches.
  • Thickness averages 1 3/4 inches for added bouyancy and strength.
  • Average weight of is about 6-7 pounds.
  • High gloss bottom finish is for maximum planing capabilities.
How To order

To order your very own Maui Skimmer, just pick out the board you want and include this information along with your payment to Maui Skimmers. In the case of custom ordered boards, please contact us for ordering information. Custom orders take about 3 weeks to process once we review and finalize your order. A minimum deposit of $100.00 is required to start a custom order, full payment required before the board gets shipped out.

For payment we accept checks, money orders, or the Web-service Paypal for credit card customers.

Once your order has been finalized, and payment received, we furnish you with a receipt number as well as the tracking numbers from UPS when the board gets sent out.

Maui Skimmers uses UPS 2nd day air for all of our shipping needs, unless otherwise specified by the customer.
Shipping and handling charges are as follows:

Within the state of Hawaii - $50.00
For shipments to the U.S. mainland:
$125.00 for residential address delivery
$120.00 for business address delivery
Box size is approximately 64”x22”x4” and weight is about 10 lbs.
For International shipments please contact us to get an accurate price quote.
To save money on shipping, you might want to share a box with a friend who also wants a “Maui Skimmer”, as we can fit up to 2 boards in this size box.
For multiple board orders, please contact us for ordering information.

All shipments are fully insured, so upon the arrival of your “Maui Skimmer”, if possible, please inspect the box for damage. If the box shows damage, be sure to check and be sure that the board hasn’t been damaged during transit. If the board shows damage, immediately file a claim with UPS and notify us as well. Usually everything is perfect, but always check to be sure.

It is always a good idea to save the box your board came in, for long term storage protection, or for any other shipping needs that you may encounter.

Stock Boards

These are our standard “Sandsurfah” skimboard shapes.
- Stock Without Graphics - $375.00 – a clear white board with logos only, without art or graphics. This is our most budget minded “SandSurfah” design. For the skimmer who just wants performance and doesn’t need, or want the “flash”of graphics. Also, if you do want to personalize your board, there is room for lots of stickers or a clean canvasfor you to draw or paint your own art on.

- Stock With Graphics - $400.00 – graphics are designs painted onto the board to add ”flash” or “pop”. Graphics can be applied to the shaped foam core before fiberglassing, or painted on after fiberglassing. Graphic styles can include but are not limited to: classics, skulls and bones, hotrod flames, abstracts, tribals, etc. In the case of under the glass graphics, the board will have a glossy finish and in the case of graphics painted after fiberglassing the board will have a matted finish. We like to go off and get crazy with the graphics and the results are usually super cool, eye-popping designs that grab a lot of attention.

Specialty Boards
These are shapes that are above and beyond our stock shapes, usually offered in limited supply.

-Team Rider Models - $400.00 – These are the boards that are favored by our top Professional Team riders and are refined to their specifications. Finely tuned skimboard machines, these boards are made for high performance ripping and have been ridden to the finals of many professional competitions. There are 2 Pro models currently available;

Kyle “Little Man” Olson Pro model – 4’-11” MS-1 rounded-squaretail, channel bottom, with surfboard style rails.
Keith “Party” Fowler Pro model – 4’10” MS-3 rounded-squaretail, channel bottom, with super sharp rails.

-Fabric Inlays - $400.00 and up. Sometimes we apply fabric to the boards in place of the graphics. Purely cosmetic, the fabrics can be Hawaiian prints, Musicians banners, flags, etc.

-Custom Shapes - prices start at $400.00– Our specialty is in custom shaped designs. If you are interested in something a bit more personal to suit your style, you might want to consider a custom designed skimboard tailored to your specifications. Any size, any shape, and whatever graphic design you might want applied to the board, you think it up and we’ll try our best to produce it. Also, if you have a business or group/club logo we can apply that to a board as well.

- High-End Construction - prices start at $475.00– Carbon Fiber/Epoxy. These are skimboards that are above and beyond all the other designs. We use the same shapes, but use exotic materials for the fiberglassing process. By utilizing carbon fiber and epoxy resins, we have created the Formula 1 of skimboard design. Commonly called the “Stealth” by the crew at the beach, these boards represent the pinnacle of skimboard construction – super high performance, cool look, and solid construction. Because of the high cost and the limited availability of these materials, these boards will be offered in a very limited supply.

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